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Cultural identity is the essence of who we are, shaping our values, traditions, and connection to our roots. Preserving and building a strong cultural identity is crucial for avoiding identity crisis among the third culture kids - kids who are being raised in their non-native environment.

Immersive and interactive tour of heritage sites is a powerful tool to preserve and strengthen cultural identity. Engaging stories from experts on the tour not only entertain but also educate, creating appreciation and connection for our heritage and our traditions.

Three reasons to involve your child and yourself

Build foundation

Understanding and embracing one's cultural roots instills a sense of confidence. It provides a foundation for self-assurance, helping individuals navigate the complexities of identity with a strong sense of self.

Language Enrichment

Tours conducted in one's native language not only contribute to the improvement of the mother tongue but also deepen the connection to one's culture. Language is a powerful vehicle for preserving traditions and understanding cultural nuances.

Quality Family Time

Participating in heritage tours as a family creates meaningful, lasting impressions. Sharing personal anecdotes and experiences during these tours not only strengthens family bonds but also imparts valuable lessons and memories. It becomes a shared journey of exploration and connection for the entire family.

Live Guided Tours

Uspenski Cathedral

Eastern Orthodox cathedral


Pentala Archipelago Museum


The Qalawun complex (Arabic: مجمع قلاون‎) is a massive complex in Cairo, Egypt, built by Sultan al-Mansur Qalawun in 1284–1285


Hvitträsk is a mansion complex in Kirkkonummi, Finland, about 30 kilometers west of Helsinki. It was designed as a studio home for the members of the Finnish architecture firm Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen, later becoming the private residence of Eliel Saarinen.

Gösta Serlachius Museum

The Serlachius Museums offer a meeting place for art and stories, and people who value their high-quality. There are two Serlachius Museums: Art Museum Gösta as well as Museum Gustaf, which tells the stories of history. Our heart and soul consist of art, architecture, history, excellent food, magnificent lakeside nature and hearty service.


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