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VReal's live, guided virtual tours transforms elderly care to enrich their quality of life by instilling a sense of wonder, combating boredom & social isolation and enhancing mental well-being.

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Explore history and culture without the hassle or anxiety of travel and from the convenience of one’s house.Join virtually journey to cherished destinations from their past, sparking positive memories and nostalgia.

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Virtual tours with live guides, other seniors, fosters social interaction and a sense of community.

Live Guided Tours

Uspenski Cathedral

Eastern Orthodox cathedral


Pentala Archipelago Museum




The Qalawun complex (Arabic: مجمع قلاون‎) is a massive complex in Cairo, Egypt, built by Sultan al-Mansur Qalawun in 1284–1285


Hvitträsk is a mansion complex in Kirkkonummi, Finland, about 30 kilometers west of Helsinki. It was designed as a studio home for the members of the Finnish architecture firm Gesellius, Lindgren, Saarinen, later becoming the private residence of Eliel Saarinen.

Gösta Serlachius Museum

The Serlachius Museums offer a meeting place for art and stories, and people who value their high-quality. There are two Serlachius Museums: Art Museum Gösta as well as Museum Gustaf, which tells the stories of history. Our heart and soul consist of art, architecture, history, excellent food, magnificent lakeside nature and hearty service.